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Mellissa Fung

I first learned about Melissa Fung (@mellissafung) a couple of months ago, while filming in Canada.  Her news broadcast, Losing Afghanistan, was on and I stopped what I was doing to watch.  Ms. Fung’s career as a journalist has been dedicated to documenting the struggle for basic human rights for women.

She was in Afghanistan.  The part of the broadcast I came in on was about the brutal stoning death of 19 year old Rokhshana who was killed for not wanting to marry an older man.  The video is brutal so if you are going to watch, please know this.

Ms. Fung’s broadcast then followed her to one of the largest and desolate refugee camps in Afghanistan, Charahi Qambar.  What I didn’t know was that Ms. Fung was returning to the very place from which she had been kidnapped just years before.  This was her first time back.

If you take the time to watch, her story will speak for itself.  The mud houses.  The people.  The tragedy of these families, these children….AND the bravery and compassion of Ms. Fung.

After watching, I was in awe of her and I hope to one day soon read her book, Under The Afghan Sky.



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