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Laxmi Saa

I first learned about Laxmi Saa’s story from a BBC article.  Maybe some of you read the same article.

Laxmi was attacked with acid by a 32 year old man when she was only 15 years old.  She had rejected his advances, rightfully so.

I can’t imagine what she went through and what she still goes through…on a physical, emotional and societal level…the pain, the stigmas, the judgement, the alienation, all for doing nothing wrong.  The one thing Laxmi had control over was to decide when was not a victim.  She fought back.  She started her own non-profit, Stop Acid Attacks (@StopAcidAttacks) and succeeded in getting India’s Supreme Court to form a policy to regulate over-the-counter sales of acid.

She recently signed up to be the face of the fashion house Viva N Diva in India.  They wanted Laxmi to define beauty as bravery, as strength.  They went against every grain and for that I find them to be incredible too.

Check out this video of Laxmi’s photoshoot.

For me, reading about Laxmi is reading about someone who represents bravery, strength, courage, resilience and love.  So yes, she is incredible.



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